Our main focus is the exploration and development of opportunities to showcase and promote Canadian artists and music. As an involved member of our industry, CARAS needs your participation to properly identify, reward, and promote the achievements of Canadian artists.

Your Involvement is Key.


The Canadian music industry continues to be shaped and influenced by the degree of energy and enthusiasm invested by those who participate in it. The future looks brighter than ever for Canadian music; our star system more impressive than ever. CARAS relies on the active participation of industry professionals like you to uphold the fundamental JUNO process; created specifically and solely to enhance our music industry through an annual, nationally televised awards show — the JUNO Awards.


The Canadian Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (CARAS) was formed in 1975 as an umbrella not-for-profit organization for The JUNO Awards – Canada’s Music Awards, MusiCounts, Canada’s music education program associated with CARAS and the Canadian Music Hall of Fame.


CARAS’ mandate is to promote and celebrate Canadian music and artists.

The JUNO Awards is Canada’s premier awards show, which encompass a week-long celebration of Canadian music, culminating in The JUNO Awards Broadcast where Canadian artists are recognized for excellence of achievement in recorded music.

MusiCounts, Canada’s music education charity associated with CARAS, is dedicated to ensuring that young Canadians regardless of socio-economic circumstances and cultural background have the opportunity to experience the joy of music, explore their talent, build self-esteem, and above all dream big.

2015-2016 CARAS Board of Directors

Regional Representatives

Music Yukon
Kim Winnicky


Music Ontario
Brian Hetherman


Northwest Territories
Music NWT
David Whitelock


Shevaughn Battle


British Columbia
Music BC
Alex Grigg


New Brunswick
Music NB
Jean Surette


Alberta Music
Chris Wynters


Nova Scotia
Music Nova Scotia
Scott Long


Sask Music
Mike Dawson 


Prince Edward Island
Music PEI
Rob Oakie


Manitoba Music
Sean McManus


Newfoundland and Labrador
Music NL
Glenda Tulk


Northern Ontario
Music and Film in Motion
Jennifer McKerral





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